At Natural Reward we use nutritional therapy to harness the enjoyment of eating and to naturally support your health and well-being.


With a one-to-one nutrition consultation, we will review your history and eating habits to put together an easy to follow, confidential, practical and personalised nutrition programme of which will address your needs, improve your health and address and improve particular health issues. We will look at everyday foods to design an eating plan which fits easily into your lifestyle and will help you to get the most out of life.


1) An initial consultation with Natural Reward lasts approximately one and half hours and can be held in Caterham, Surrey or the comfort of your own home within the Surrey area.


This session will include:


An in-depth review of your health; discussing family history, previous/recurrent illness, and gaining all information necessary to review your body systems. An explanation about your symptoms and the imbalances in your body that maybe causing your health issue. Creation of your tailored personalised plan to take away.


This will include an eating plan which will include foods to increase and avoid, recipes, as well as supplements; all of which may help you to initially start the healing process


Busy lives sometimes make it difficult to implement change, however, we will work together so that you can get to where you want to be, devising a protocol that works for you!


2) Succeeding the initial consultation, (between 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation) we offer follow up consultations of which will last 45 minutes to one hour. This will allow us to review your progress so far, asses your symptoms since your protocol was put into place. We will also look at what has and hasn't worked and therefore put into places changes to your action plan.


It can take time for your body to re-balance, therefore, the number of sessions needed varies according to your current state of health and what you would like to achieve.


We look forward to showing you how you can look good, feel great and live the life you want to!


Cost: £45 (initial consultation) - £35 (follow up consultations)



**These costs include time for preparation before the first consultation, interpretation of any test results, checks for possible interactions with any medications and e-mailing further handouts.

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