What is Nutritional Therapy?

If you were to ask 25 people what a healthy diet was, you would end up retrieving 25 different answers. There is certainly a lot of confusing information in the media about nutrition, and what is the best "new diet", which makes choosing what is best for YOU difficult.


It is vital to understand that you are an individual and what is best for you may not be the best route for your friend/family member/neighbour. Food forms the building blocks of life; our entire body - from our skin to our skeleton, and our blood to our brains - relies on the vast array of nutrients derived from what we eat.


The food we eat has an enormous impact on our health. Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based system of healing which follows the principle that the right food can provide us with the nutrients needed to maintain or restore a state of health. It takes a holistic approach and aims to restore health through balancing body systems, allowing the body to heal and nourish itself with foods that are beneficial and avoid foods which are not. It looks to rectify the underlying cause of illness rather than simply treating the symptoms.


Nutritional therapy can boost your health, energy, performance and emotional well-being and can help address specific symptoms you may be experiencing..... Why not book a consultation now to find out how a personaised nutritional plan can help you towards optimal health? 


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How Nutrional Therapy may help fertility

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